Fometix guarantee
  • The highest quality products and with many small details that often go unnoticed by other contractors, let’s take your insulation project to the next level.
  • Quality Control. Management is hands on throughout the project, if any problems or issues arise they can be dealt with immediately.
  • Nonstop communication – The key to the success of your project is good communication. And, a big part of communication is listening. From the beginning of a project to its end, our company places a high priority on listening – to you, your needs and wishes.
  • Solid Science – Our Building Science experts understand the principles of heat, air and moisture flow, and how the building envelope interacts with a building’s mechanical systems as well as its occupants.
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FOAMETIX Coatings of Western Canada is a professional insulation contracting company both with extensive experience, and specialized high level training in the insulation industry. Based in Winnipeg, MB and servicing Manitoba, Saskatchewan, NW Ontario, and Alberta. Experience and education enables us to ensure that you attain the best insulation quality possible. We have a team of experienced personnel that understand your needs and combine excellent service with the industry’s top rated products.

We service homeowners, building owners, manufacturers, government, residential and commercial contractors and architects throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, NW Ontario and into Alberta. Our cornerstone products are Icynene ProSeal Eco, JM Climate Pro, and Elastochem Wrapsulate.

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