Insulation Removal

Dustless Vacuum Insulation Removal

Many homeowners need to replace loose fill or blown in insulation (cellulose, fibreglass, sawdust, wood shavings etc.) in their home in order to install new product while insulating a garage or for installing new basement ceiling insulation, basement floor insulation, etc. It’s often removed from attics or other areas in order to easily and safely complete renovation or electrical work. Whether the existing product is outdated, fire or water damaged, contaminated by animal infestation, or covered with debris and dirt, we have the solution to get rid of it. Our team can perform the insulation removal process using a high-powered engine driven vacuum, positioned outside the home, connected to the attic by a long high volume hose. A large volume filter bag is used to collect the insulation from the attic, outside the home. The negative pressure of the hose removing it from the attic minimizes any dust and debris inside the building. This process is not only efficient, but also keeps the home from being further contaminated by the insulation removal.