About us

About Foametix Canada

FOAMETIX Coatings of Western Canada is a professional insulation contracting company both with extensive experience, and specialized high level training in the insulation industry. Based in Winnipeg, MB and servicing Manitoba, Saskatchewan, NW Ontario, and Alberta. Experience and education enables us to ensure that you attain the best insulation quality possible. We have a team of experienced personnel that understand your needs and combine excellent service with the industry’s top rated products.

We service homeowners, building owners, manufacturers, government, residential and commercial contractors and architects throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, NW Ontario and into Alberta.

We pride ourselves on being professional, flexible and responsive to your needs. We invest in the latest equipment and technology to apply and test our products, but also to deliver our proposals and transfer product information quickly and accurately. We also continuously invest in training and safety, all of our products are applied by staff trained and certified by Caliber QAP to the Platinum Elite standard.

At FOAMETIX, we will work with you to provide the best insulation for all of your needs, and have the experience and dedication to solve your insulation challenges. We can start at the design phase of projects, or retrofit an existing home or business with a custom solution.

Unlike other companies who have a one size fits all pricing and installation process, at FOAMETIX, we utilize our superior products, volume purchasing power, and knowledge and experience to provide you with a customized, competitive proposal and a tailored, quality, worry-free installation of high performance insulation!